A23D – The largest 3D asset library of PBR Textures and Decals

The largest 3D asset library

Explore the vast range of 60,000+ PBR Textures and Decals.

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3D Models

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PBR Textures and Materials


PBR Decals and Materials

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PBR Textures
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Made for the industry

Our assets have been created keeping in view the requirements of the industry. We would say, they are ready to be used in your projects. Our vast library provides you with numerable options for the assets, you may not need to modify any asset.

We have a vast range of PBR Textures and Decals.  Our team is constantly developing new assets and adding them to our library. Soon we are adding new categories of assets like 3D Models, Foliage, Characters, IES Profiles, and HDRIs.

One stop solution for your projects

Our assets are available in universal compatible formats so that you can use them in any software of your choice. Creators, developers, designers, engineers and researchers worldwide can enhance their workflows with seamless interoperability between various software and collaborate with each other.

We also provide USD and MDL formats which are natively supported by NVIDIA Omniverse applications.


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