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    We aim at providing a one-stop solution to all the requirements of the CG world and virtual reality. We provide 3D assets for various applications like 3D modelling, virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, architecture and interior designing. Our mission is to provide a vast range of 3D assets for your vivid applications, which are adequately categorized using categories, filters and tags to find the desired asset with ease.

    Our assets are available in universal compatible formats so that you can use them in any software of your choice. Creators, developers, designers, engineers and researchers worldwide can enhance their workflows with seamless interoperability between various software and collaborate with each other. We also provide USD and MDL formats which are natively supported by NVIDIA Omniverse applications.


    Our assets have been created keeping in view the requirements of the industry. We would say, they are ready to be used in your projects. Our vast library provides you with numerable options for the assets, you may not need to modify any asset.

    Our team is constantly developing new assets and adding them to our library. Our library consists of assets from different categories like PBR Textures, Decals, 3D Models, Foliage, Characters, IES Profiles, and HDRIs.


    We, A23D, are part of A2 Virtual Reality, a firm providing various solutions in the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. We first started as A2VR. Like any other CG firm, we required 3D assets. We soon found that the assets available in marketplaces over the internet had many errors like incorrect mesh, flipped normal, wrong or no grouping, no unwrapping and much more. The textures available were often of low resolution and limited in range. These required a lot of corrections and modifications before using them in our projects, and we sometimes ended up creating our own assets.

    Thus, to execute our projects, we started creating our own assets and categorizing them in our own library. This way, we created a huge library of 3D assets for our own use. Now, we intend to share this library with other users, of course with considerations for our efforts and investment. We aim at making A23D, the largest 3D asset library over the internet.


    We provide a vast range of categorized and filtered 3D assets. Our products include:

    • 3D Models
    • PBR Textures
    • Decals
    • Foliage
    • HDRIs
    • IES Profiles
    • Characters

    We are also developing plugins for various applications to import our assets in their projects in a very easy and streamlined way.


    We have a huge range of 3D models, covering virtually every category possible. You can easily reach them over our website using our category and filter menus. Each category of models have multiple options, you just need to choose the one nearest to your requirement.

    Our models are available in uniform scale. They come with logically combined mesh groups, making it easy for you to modify the textures. Our models have cleaned normals, so no more flipped ones. They are also animation ready. Our models carry PBR textures. They have been unwrapped to save on file sizes and render time. They come neat without often useless stuff like cameras or lights. Very soon, you would get LODs for these models. We are constantly upgrading our library of 3D models. Your suggestions and requirements would blaze our trails and show us way in finding more options to update our library. We aim at becoming the biggest library of 3D assets.


    We provide high resolution PBR textures. We provide multiple maps for each texture, optimized for resolution and size. Our textures are not too bulky in size, yet provide very high resolution. As such, they are game ready. We have created these textures using meticulous technology and software, to achieve photo realistic quality and resolutions.

    Our textures come with various configurations of perfections and imperfections, to match your exact requirements. We also provide distressed and highly distressed textures. Our textures are 3D with actual displacement. In addition to imperfections provided with textures, we also provide decals and imperfections as individual items. Our plugins help you import these textures directly into your application. Since we have provided a vast range of textures, with and without imperfections, we have provided detailed categories and filters to help you reach your requirement in a jiffy. Still, if you do not find your requirement in our library, please contact us. We would be keen to provide assets matching your requirement by updating our library.


    We bring to you 3D as well as 2D Decals. In addition to imperfections, special effects and add-on effects, we have launched three dimensional decals. You can use these decals to replace heavy 3D models in your projects. These decals can be applied to low poly meshes while creating a perfect 3D effect. These decals have actual displacements to match closely to 3D models, which intern reduces the polycount of the project. Our vast library of decals allow you to populate your projects with trivial objects scattered around, with imperfections on your textures, to simulate a much real looking environment.

    Decals are like stickers. They can be sticked or porjected on any surface. A 3D decal converts a low ploy mesh surface into a 3D visualization with actual normals, displacements, specular, ambient occlusion and roughness maps. The polycount of project remains low and still you get high quality 3D assets in the model, using decals.

  • HDRIs

    Our extensive HDRIs library offers a diverse range of high-quality, high-resolution options to cater to your specific project needs. Whether you're creating a serene natural landscape, a bustling urban scene, or a fantastical world, our collection has something for every creative vision. Our HDRIs are designed to provide realistic lighting and reflections, adding depth and realism to your 3D projects.

    Each HDRI in our library is carefully categorized to ensure you can quickly find the perfect backdrop for your scene. From panoramic skies and lush forests to futuristic cityscapes and abstract designs, our selection is continually updated to include the latest trends and artistic styles. In addition to our vast collection, we provide detailed tutorials and support to help you integrate these HDRIs into your workflow seamlessly. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, our resources are designed to enhance your creative process and help you achieve stunning results.


    IES profiles are essential tools in computer graphics and virtual reality projects, adding a layer of realism and dynamism that enhances the overall visual experience. Our extensive library of IES profiles is designed to meet the diverse needs of artists and designers. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through our neatly categorized sorting lists, which are further refined by intuitive filters to help you find the perfect lighting asset for your project.

    Incorporating our IES profiles into your projects will bring a new level of sophistication. Whether you are creating immersive virtual environments, engaging in architectural visualization, or crafting detailed scenes in a video game, our IES profiles provide the accuracy and quality you need to create stunning, lifelike lighting effects. Elevate your CG or VR projects to new heights with our comprehensive library of IES profiles.


    Our extensive collection of Foliage PBR Textures and Models is tailored to meet the diverse needs of creators in various fields, including game development, architectural visualization, and virtual reality projects. Our high-quality models come in high, medium, and low polygon formats, ensuring compatibility and optimization for different project requirements. We boast a vast array of foliage assets, offering numerous options across various categories, and our assets are versatile, with availability in different seasonal formats and Levels of Detail (LODs) to suit any scene or environment.

    The PBR textures we offer for foliage are meticulously crafted to be three-dimensional, complete with detailed displacement maps that add a layer of realism and depth to your projects. Additionally, we provide atlases of our PBR textures, allowing for more efficient and creative use in your designs. Selecting the perfect asset is effortless with our user-friendly category and filter menu. Once you've made your choice, you can seamlessly download the assets directly into your application using our specialized plugins.


    Our diverse collection of animation-ready characters, which includes humans, humanoids, animals, cartoon figures, and game characters, is specially designed to meet the varied needs of animators, game developers, and content creators. Each character is meticulously rigged, ensuring they are immediately ready for use in various animation projects. This feature significantly simplifies the production process, allowing creators to focus on storytelling and creativity rather than the technicalities of character setup. Our rigging process adheres to industry standards, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration with most animation software and game engines.

    Additionally, our character range is not just limited to static models; we offer a variety of animated characters performing common actions like walking, running, and gesturing, adding dynamism and life to any project. The variety of poses and animations available make our characters versatile and suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from detailed narrative animations to interactive game environments.


    We are always looking for amazing talent to join our team. If you are a technically skilled artist, developer, or creative with a passion for changing how digital industries work today and in the future, chances are we’d get along quite well. Send us your amazing portfolio at careers@a23d.co and get in touch with us.


    Wanna send us some love? or Some hate? or Need support, or have a business proposal? From our contact us page you’ll find the right email to get in touch with us, no matter what’s on your mind.