How to use MDL materials in NVIDIA Omniverse?

Our entire library of PBR Textures has MDL materials files with them and importing them to Omniverse applications is a pretty easy process.

We provide different types of MDL material for various applications. Some of them are natively supported by the Omniverse applications and some of them are created by a Custom graph to give more easy material control options.

Open Omniverse Project

Launch the Omniverse application from Omniverse Launcher and open your project where you want to import MDL materials.

Create New Material

Click on the Create New option in the Materials tab and from the Context Menu click on Custom MDL Material (at the bottom of the list). If the Materials tab is not visible you can turn it on from the top bar by clicking on Window > Browsers > Materials.

Click on Browse material

Once you click on the Custom MDL Material button, you will get a window to choose an MDL material. Click on the Folder icon to browse to your MDL file on your PC.

Locate MDL Material file

From the Select MDL window, browse to the MDL file which you want to import into Omniverse from your computer and click on the Select button or double click on the MDL file.

Create Material

Once you have selected the MDL file which you want to import, click on the Create button to import it into Omniverse.

Your Imported material will show in the Materials tab. You can right-click on the icon click on Capture thumbnail to create a preview sphere of the material.

Assign material to object

There are a couple of different ways to assign a material to an object in your scene.

  1. Drag and Drop
    You can simply click on the material from the Materials tab and drag & drop it on the object in the scene.
  2. Double click
    You can select the object in the scene on which you want to apply the material and double click on the material from the Materials tab to apply material on it.
  3. Right click and assign
    You can select the object on which you want to apply the material and right click on the material from the Materials tab and choose Assign to selection option from the context menu.

Tweek material options

Our custom node graph material provides many material adjustment options with simple slider controls. You can adjust these values to match your requirements in the scene.

Simply click on the material which you want to adjust from the Materials tab and Open Material Parameters. There you will see all the available options to modify the material.