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How to use Unity Asset Importer Plugin

A23D Unity Asset Importer Plugin provides a one-click import functionality for 3D models and PBR Textures into Blender without losing any data. You can easily access this plugin from the Contents tab in Unity Editor.

If you find any difficulty in using the plugins or figure out any bugs, please get in touch with us at

This guide shows how to download, install and use this Plugin. Follow these steps to download the add-on, properly install it in your Unity version and use it to import assets. Imported assets are organized in folders to help you use them easily in our scene.

Downloading the plugin

Visit our Plugins page using this link and download the latest version of the plugin compatible with your installed Unity version.

Installing the plugin

For a video tutorial, please visit this link.

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and copy the A23D folder to the root of your Unity Project Asset folder.

Using the plugin

For a video tutorial, please visit this link.

  1. To access the plugin, go to the top menu bar and click A23D > Import A23D Assets.
  2. After clicking on the Import A23D Assets button, the plugin will prompt you to enter the folder path from which you want to import assets.
  3. Locate the Asset folder on your computer and select it by clicking on the “Select Folder” button.
  4. The assets will then be imported into your Unity project and stored in two different folders inside the A23D folder based on their type: 3D Models and PBR Textures.