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From Past to Future

No discussions are required on how the internet changed the world. But to know the future of anything, we must look into the past. The Internet started as simply connected web pages and graduated to highly interactive portals and applications. Gradually, over years, web applications are taking over the computer applications utilizing cloud computing, blockchain structure and collaborated architecture.

To predict and create the future of the internet, we can spend a few moments discussing one of the lapses in this technology. The Internet ecosystem is discreet, much different from the real world. The essential and compulsive use of the internet in our daily lives, this difference disconnected us from our world. If we have to design a better future for the internet, we might think of covering this shortcoming. Virtual Reality is one such technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality brings the power of the internet to the users in a much more realistic format, one in which the users relate closely to the real world. VR brings social interactions and immersive experience, which increases the usability, accessibility and acceptance of the internet by many folds.

Virtual Reality, though initiated decades back, is still in a nascent state, without much of standard protocols, unlike the previous internet forms. The need to standardize virtual reality using protocols and formats accepted and used globally is massive. Standardization would bring out the real power of virtual reality in form of collaboration, wider acceptance and network of different virtual worlds. Omniverse is the endeavour to initiate this standardization and much more.

VR technology has emerged in many forms, digital twin is one such form where the digital replica of part of the real world is generated. Augmented reality is a combination of real-world and VR, where digital simulations are overlayed on real-life visuals.


Omniverse initiated the much-needed process to bring the marvellous technology and concept of virtual reality to the industry and masses. Omniverse is working on overcoming the weaknesses of virtual reality, which kept it from being accepted and used widely even after being created decades ago.

Omniverse intends to achieve this by doing a lot of things like creating a standardization of protocols for creating various applications, providing collaboration from leading VR asset providers providing assets in the standardized format, making the entire eco-system of the CG world connected for the users and developers to combine their efforts.


We are building the largest library of 3D assets for creating and collaborating within NVIDIA Omniverse applications. Our assets are in USD and MDL formats which can is natively supported by the Omniverse applications. You can easily collaborate with people, teams, communities to create any kind of application.

All our assets pass through various quality checks to maintain high standards of quality in our entire library. Our assets are adequately categorized using categories and filters which reduces the time to find the desired asset.

Free Assets

Here are some of our free to use assets for the Omniverse applications.
Our assets are in USD and MDL formats which can is natively supported by the Omniverse.
You can view this guide from our Knowledge Base to learn how to use MDL materials in Omniverse applications.

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